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Help the Air Force get what it needs, when it’s needed

Our acquisition force is the Federal government’s business managers and technical experts who supervise the design, development, testing, production, deployment, and maintenance of vital systems for the U.S. Air Force.

From satellite systems to the next generation of support helicopters, from sophisticated weapons to state-of-the-art communications equipment, we discover, develop, and deliver it all to keep the most powerful airborne force on the planet ready to succeed in their mission in air, space, and cyberspace.


We are business professionals who oversee contracts, do cost analysis, and manage all aspects of financial and project oversight.

We are technical experts—engineers, IT professionals, and highly specialized scientists—dedicated to establishing and maintaining the functionality and quality of each of the products and systems vital to the Air Force.

Together we ensure that taxpayer money is spent wisely and that the products those tax dollars acquire are reliable and effective.

Unlike our counterparts in private business and industry, we at AFCS are committed to something far more important than the bottom line. We work every day in the defense of our nation and the values we hold dear.

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Department of the Air Force has implemented COVID-19 vaccination requirements set forth in Executive Order 14043. Federal employees are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 regardless of the employee’s duty location or work arrangement (e.g., telework, remote work, etc.), subject to such exceptions as required by law. Upon selection, you will be required to provide documentation proof as “fully vaccinated” prior to issuance of a firm job offer. Air Force will provide additional information regarding what information or documentation will be needed and how you can request a legally required exemption from this requirement. More information on COVID-19 requirements may be found at: .