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We Call It Acquisition

We are the Federal government’s business managers and technical experts who supervise the design, development, testing, production, deployment, and maintenance of vital systems for the U.S. Air Force.

From satellite systems to the next generation of attack helicopters, from sophisticated weapons to state-of-the-art communications equipment, we discover, develop, and deliver it all to keep the most powerful airborne force on the planet ready to succeed in their mission in air, space, and cyberspace.

We are business professionals who oversee contracts, do cost analysis, and manage all aspects of financial and project oversight.

We are also technical experts - engineers, IT professionals, and highly specialized scientists—dedicated to establishing and maintaining the functionality and quality of each of the products and systems vital to the Air Force.

Together we are a community of dedicated Air Force Civilian Service professionals ensuring that taxpayer money is spent wisely and that the products those tax dollars acquire are reliable and effective.

The Acquisition Community

The mission of our Acquisition community is to support Air Force capabilities through the application of responsible and responsive business practices and deliver innovative solutions to support our Airmen.

All of us at AFCS are committed to something far more important than the bottom line and something much larger than ourselves. Every day we work in the defense of our nation and the values we hold dear.

The Air Force relies on the expertise of its civilian workforce and civilian contractors to design and manufacture the advanced equipment that keep them on the cutting edge of technology and innovation. The AFCS Acquisition Force serves as the government’s business managers and technical experts in the systems acquisition process, looking out for the interests of taxpayers and the men and women in uniform who rely on this equipment to defend our nation.

Relying on over 32,000 business and finance professionals, as well as technical experts in science and engineering, we work with contractors to identify the best equipment and resources—from satellite systems to the next generation of attack helicopters, from sophisticated weapons to state-of-the-art communications equipment—to keep our Air Force ready to succeed in their mission in air, space, and cyberspace.

F-22 in flight
Two jets preparing for take off
A-10 in flight
AWAC on surveillance sortie
B-2 taking off
Cargo plane dropping supplies
Refueling plan in flight
B-1 bomber in flight
F-15 in flight
Rocket launch

Discover, Develop
& Deliver the Best

Our team supervises the design, development, and testing of new or updated systems and equipment for the Air Force. AFCS Acquisition pros assess the operational needs, define systems to best meet those needs, ask for proposals from manufacturers, select contractors, and monitor their progress.

Once fully complete these systems are delivered and deployed around the world. We continue our mission by maintaining their supply and sustaining their effectiveness.

We also maintain our own world-class research labs and development facilities where important R & D is carried out by leading scientists and engineers—including Nobel Laureates.

Breakthrough discoveries and innovations coming from these labs have revolutionized many of the systems vital to the success of our Air Force and have made a huge impact on just about everyone. GPS was developed in our labs and make our phones and other devices indispensable.

Using advanced equipment and technology—much of which is unavailable to the private sector—our technical teams work hand in hand with contractors to make every development a success.

Strength In Diversity

As diverse as the people we serve

At AFCS we value the strength that comes from our differing backgrounds and experiences and from our diverse perspectives and abilities. These are essential to creativity and success.

We rely on inspired thinking from every member of our team and cultivate multicultural competencies, varied education, and life experiences to accelerate problem solving and fuel innovation in every field of operation essential to the Air Force mission.

Shoulder to shoulder, from all walks of life, success is assured when everyone contributes.


With operations and facilities in 14 locations around the country, our teams of business and financial experts and world-class scientists and engineers oversee an impressive array of programs and endeavors.


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