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Rewards that transcend
the ordinary

AFTAC employs more than 1,000 highly educated professionals including scientists, engineers, program managers, and communications and information specialists.

Our workforce is dedicated to the vital AFTAC mission often foregoing attractive offers in private industry, in academia, and at other government agencies to apply their skills at the prestigious AFTAC laboratories and other facilities.

Strength in Diversity

Group of diverse people

At AFCS and AFTAC we value the strength that comes from our diverse perspectives and abilities and from our different backgrounds and experiences. This is essential to our creativity and success.

We rely on inspired thinking from any and every member of our team and cultivate multicultural viewpoints, varied education, and life experiences to fuel innovation in every field of operation essential to the Air Force mission.

Shoulder to shoulder—success is assured when everyone contributes.

Technicians posing in a lab

AFTAC Lab Technicians with equipment


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& IT

Whether you talk it or type on it, any way you can communicate, the Communications and Information Career Field is on top of it. Managing communications infrastructure systems requires a wide range of expertise and often leads to developing new technology. We support communications that travel around the globe and thousands of miles into space from traditional physical mail to satellite communications.

AFTAC’s Communications and Information positions encompass a broad range of expertise: network systems operations, including information assurance, computer, network defense and electronic protection; information resource management, including Chief Information Officer (CIO) duties; systems engineering and architecture design; telecommunications, space, command and control, postal operations; and visual information management architectures; plan and organize communications and information acquisition management activities and perform communications and information engineering functions; direct information life-cycle management activities; and provide executive officer support. Our communication and information positions include: Telecommunications Specialist, Technical Writer/Editor, Technical Information Specialist, IT Specialist (NETWORK) Network Services, IT Specialist (ENTARCH) Enterprise Architecture, IT Specialist (SYSADMIN/OS) Systems Administration/Operating Systems.

Program Managers lead and manage Air Force programs to deliver and sustain essential capabilities. Their duties touch every aspect of the acquisition process, including technology development and integrating engineering, program control, test and deployment, configuration management, production and manufacturing, quality assurance, and logistical support.

Program Managers serve in a variety of capacities, primarily in program offices. As they gain acquisition experience and demonstrate leadership, business, and technical acumen, their individual responsibilities will grow to include planning, organization, and developing program management techniques; and determining organizational structure, personnel, training needs, and security requirements. Ensuring that an acquisition program is meeting cost, schedule, and performance objectives are key to success in this Career Field.

Science and Engineering are the heart of AFTAC’s mission. The Air Force is known for its commitment to advanced technology, and AFTAC supports that commitment by hiring the best of the best cross science, technology engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

The AFTAC Scientist and Engineer workforce is comprised of more than 200 positions across the following three main categories:

Scientists—We apply our scientific knowledge to solve problems ranging from environmental, materials, physics, Geographical Information Systems, geophysics, meteorology, chemical, radiological, and nuclear through the administration of programs related to these fields. Our scientific positions include physical scientist, physicist, physical science technician, geophysicist, chemist, meteorologists, computer scientist.

Engineers—Apply your engineering degree and experience to planning future technologies; conducting research and development; and defining requirements for systems from cradle to grave (conceptual design, build, test, deployment, sustainment, and eventual deactivation). Our engineering positions include: General Engineer, Engineering Technician, Nuclear Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Computer Engineer.

Analysts—Applying a variety of analytical techniques to formulate and solve problems. Analysts use scientific inquiry in the development of mathematical models and computer programs to evaluate and predict the ability to support assigned projects, studies, or problems. Our analyst positions include: Operations Research Analyst, Statistician.

Find a Job

When you are ready to apply for an AFTAC job, you will find our vacancy announcements posted on the Air Force Civilian Service government website,

Qualification vs Eligibility

Like any employer, AFCS expects you to be “qualified” when you apply for a position, but unlike some employers, you must also be “eligible.” What’s the difference? It’s actually pretty simple.

However, even if you are completely “qualified” for a job, you may not actually be “eligible.” In the Federal jobs environment, “eligibility” refers to Federal regulatory requirements that determine who can apply for specific jobs.

Each AFCS Job Opportunity Announcement will carefully spell out who is eligible to apply in the “Who May Apply” section. Further details on who may apply can be found in the “Other Information” and “How to Apply” sections. It is very important to review these requirements carefully. If you do not meet the requirements listed, you may not apply for the job.

For additional information on this subject please review the "Air Force Civilian Employment Eligibility Guide."

AFCS jobs are categorized as entry, mid, and senior levels, and are associated with different qualifications and pay grade levels. And, there are special categories of job opportunities, including jobs for students and recent graduates, veterans, military spouses, and individuals with disabilities.

Use text searches for AFTAC job announcements at

Each AFCS position (Job Opportunity Announcement) will provide detailed information about job qualifications, duties, salary, location, benefits, and security requirements. These will help you determine if your interests, education, and professional background make you a candidate who qualifies for the job.

Follow the instructions in the “How to Apply” section of each Job Opportunity Announcement. Instructions will guide you through the application process, providing you detailed information on the questions that must be addressed, and forms and format that must be used to present your resume and qualifications for the job. Help can be found at

AFTAC research vessel at sea


Critical Mission. Exceptional Benefits.

When you join AFTAC, you become part of a highly respected community working on the utmost challenges in the world of aviation, and your benefits should reflect that.

From a competitive salary to a flexible work schedule as well as continuous learning opportunities and career advancement, our various plan options and benefits rival – and often exceed – those offered in the private sector. As a civilian member of the Air Force workforce, you can enjoy outstanding federal benefits. Starting the moment you begin a career at AFTAC, here are just a few benefits to expect:

Comprehensive Health Coverage: We offer the widest selection of health plans in the country, and all employees are eligible for free health screenings.

Dental and Vision Coverage: We offer the widest selection of health plans in the country, and all employees are eligible for free health screenings.

Flexible Spending Account (FSA): Eligible employees can deposit funds into a health savings account that enables them to pay for many out-of-pocket health and dependent care expenses with pretax dollars.

Long-Term Care Insurance: This insurance helps pay for medical and non-medical needs of enrollees with a chronic illness or disability that affects their day-to-day activity over long periods of time.

Life Insurance: The Federal Employees' Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) Program offers eligible employees basic life insurance and three types of optional life insurance at attractive group rates – and most employees can continue their coverage after retirement.

Retirement Plan: In addition to the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS), we offer our employees a transferable 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan with government matching contributions.

Paid Time Off: All eligible employees are entitled to paid vacation, holiday and sick leave.

Paid Training and Education: While not guaranteed, student loan repayment programs, signing bonuses, relocation reimbursement, paid training and tuition assistance may be available.

Work Life Balance

Are you ready to balance a rewarding career protecting your nation with a fulfilling personal life? At AFTAC, we offer resources and tools that help you enjoy everything you put into your work – and your time away from it, as well. These are just some of the work-life benefits offered by the Air Force, regardless of your location

Flexible Work Schedules: Helping you balance time between work and family.

Telecommuting: Employees in certain positions can work from home. Certain restrictions may apply.

Civilian Fitness and Wellness Policy: Full-time employees can use up to three hours of their workday per week, without using leave or vacation time, for fitness and wellness activities, pending approval. A physical exam is required for participation.

Recreational Activities: Easy access to various activities and facilities at Patrick AFB and numerous recreational and cultural destinations in the surrounding areas.

For more detailed information on benefits, visit the U.S. Office of Personnel Management’s benefits page.

AFTAC helicopter in the arctic

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