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Aim Hire: Answer Quest

Come on down, you’re the next contestant on AFCS ANSWER QUEST!

What better way to get 2023 off the ground than with an entertaining new spin on Aim Hire?

During this entertaining and AFCS trivia-filled episode, host Monty (Bob) Hall is joined by the Chief of AFCS’s Talent Acquisition Division, Michael Brosnan; Chief of AFCS’s Cyber Recruiting Section, Eileen Chaisson; and AFCS Talent and Acquisition Specialist, Jessica Bartley, as they compete in a fun-filled Jeopardy-like reveal to provide answers to your most perplexing job-hunting questions.

Keep in mind, in this game show, not only is it not cheating to fast-forward to the answers, but we’ve provided a quick link to them below — ensuring you win every time you play.

4:50 (RESUME TIPS for 200) ~ Eileen offers valuable tips on what information your federal resume should contain and, perhaps even more importantly, what it shouldn’t.

5:40 (RESUME TIPS for 100) ~ Jessica shares advice on formatting your federal resume and the importance of tailoring your resume to match the requirements of the position you’re seeking. To sweeten the pot, she offers a scannable QR code with AFCS’s definitive guide on the subject.

7:34 (HOW TO APPLY 101 for 100) ~ Mike shares advice on the easiest way to find AFCS jobs around the country and provides a scannable QR code to AFCS’s Find-A-Job Interactive Map.

9:07 (STUDENT PROGRAMS for 400) ~ Eileen tackles the question of which career fields are available through AFCS internships and where you can go to land one of your own.

10:35 (ACRONYMS for 400) ~ The viewing audience scores big by answering the question, “What do PCIP and PAQ stand for?” Spoiler alert: They are both rewarding AFCS internship programs, which Jessica describes in some detail.

13:09 (TRANSITIONING to AFCS for 400) ~ Mike keeps it close by describing how your private-sector experience transfers to AFCS and gets extra points for offering valuable tips on how to land the job you’ve set your sights on.

15:09 (TRANSITIONING to AFCS for 200) ~ Eileen cushions her sizable lead by answering a 200-pointer, “Are Security Clearances required for a job with AFCS?” It might surprise you to learn that if your role requires one, the Air Force will help you attain it.

16:37 (HOW TO APPLY 101 for 300) ~ Jessica makes it competitive by thoroughly describing, “What is a hiring preference?” and how they allow you to apply for certain positions ahead of the general public.

18:05 (STUDENTS for 300) ~ Mike racks up some big points by answering, “When is the best time to apply for AFCS internships?”

19:33 (RESUME TIPS for 300) ~ Eileen tackles ways you can get in contact with AFCS recruiters and earns 300 points for the thoroughness of her answers. is one of the easiest.

20:39 (RESUME TIPS for 400) ~ Jessica grabs 400 by giving some great advice on steps you can take to make your resume stand out in a crowd, and just how important it is to match the KSAs (Knowledge, Skills, Abilities) of the job requirement.

24:07 (TRANSITIONING to AFCS for 100) ~ Mike answers one of AFCS’s most frequently asked questions, “Is military service required for a job with Air Force Civilian Service?”

28:02 (HOW TO APPLY for 400) ~ Eileen pads her lead by aiming high and answering another very frequently asked question, and that’s, “How long does the recruitment process take?”

29:48 (STUDENT PROGRAMS for 200) ~ Jessica adds 200 to her total by fielding, “When do you become eligible for the Palace Acquire (PAQ) Internship Program?” Hint: Recent grads, you really want to know this one.

32:01 (ACRONYMS EVERYWHERE for 300) ~ Mike picks up another 300 by explaining what TS/SCI stands for.

33:23 (HOW TO APPLY 101 for 200) ~ Eileen races for the home stretch, earning 200 for answering, “When is the best time to apply for the Premier College Intern Program (PCIP)?”

35:02 (ACRONYMS EVERYWHERE for 200) ~ As the point possibilities narrow, Jessica adds to her total by solving the perplexing mystery of, “What does DHA stand for?” and why it can be so important to landing a mission-critical job in a timely manner.

37:26 (STUDENTS for 100) ~ Mike closes out the STUDENTS category by answering the age-old question, “What opportunities are there for students?” He also does a deeper dive into the plethora of programs available.

40:33 (TRANSITIONING to AFCS for 300) ~ Another topic is taken off the board as Eileen takes on the frequently asked question, “How soon does someone become eligible for civilian service following transitioning from the military?”

43:42 (ACRONYMS EVERYWHERE for 100) ~ Jessica brings the team to the WILD CARD round by answering the final FAQ and easiest question of the night, “What does AFCS stand for.”

45:16 (WILD CARD for 100) ~ Mike gets the battle for the final points off to a flying start by taking on the audience-provided question of, “What are the jobs in demand with AFCS right now?”

47:38 (WILD CARD for 300) ~ Eileen racks up some big points by answering the audience-provided question, “What kind of assistance does AFCS provide for higher education?”

50:35 (WILD CARD for 400) ~ Jessica rounds out her round with a strong finish by explaining why Air Force civilian job applicants should look to before

54:30 (WILD CARD for 200) ~ Mike ends the night by answering the age-old question, “Is there an age requirement to land a job with AFCS?”