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Aim Hire: High Spirits

Ever wonder what it is that drives AFCS employees to do what it is that they do? After all, being a public servant isn’t your typical 9-to-5, and the rewards of working for the world’s most powerful air force tend to be so much more than just monetary.

The exceptional work culture enjoyed by the 170,000 civilian employees of the U.S. Air Force is something you really have to experience for yourself to truly appreciate: the emphasis on work-life balance, the personal and professional growth opportunities, the scheduled raises and advancement, and so much more.

During March’s “Aim Hire: High Spirits,” host Ryan Schneider introduces you to this exceptional lifestyle and two equally extraordinary AFCS employees who’ll share their personal journeys and steps you can take to follow in their shoes to land a job like theirs.

You’ll want to watch every second of the ultra-informative episode, but if you want to jump straight to the highlights, we shine a spotlight on them below:

4:03 ~ Maggie shares the story of how she went from an active-duty Air Force officer, retired, and then came back as a civilian employee.

7:11 ~ Maggie describes how becoming an AFCS employee has allowed her to see the world and much of the U.S. while supporting some incredible missions.

7:42 ~ Maggie describes one of her most rewarding missions following the devastating 2010 Haitian earthquake.

12:49 ~ Brenna describes her fascinating journey from being an alumnus of AFCS’s inaugural Premier College Internship Program (PCIP) to now being the Program Manager for the elite paid internship program.

13:44 ~ Ryan and Brenna discuss the PCIP internship program and when to apply.

13:55 ~ Brenna describes her transition from the PCIP internship program into the Palace Acquire (PAQ) Copper Cap (COP) three-year program following graduation.

14:53 ~ Brenna explains how AFCS internship programs offer one thing other internships don’t: A future.

16:48 ~ Maggie and Brenna describe those things about AFCS’s exceptional workplace culture she likes the most and is the reason, as they say, they “bleed Air Force blue.”

18:24 ~ Maggie contrasts the differences between her career as an active-duty Air Force officer and her job now as a civilian employee of that same Air Force.

20:39 ~ Brenna compares the workplace culture of AFCS to that of her peers in the private sector.

21:37 ~ Brenna shares how one of the primary differences between careers in the private sector and the Air Force is the emphasis the Air Force places on growing leaders. It’s expected that you’d advance in the Air Force.

25:06 ~ Maggie describes the advantages telework provides and makes the important distinction between “telework” and “remote work.”

27:42 ~ Host Ryan Schneider shares a dad joke you probably think you know the answer to but will be hilariously surprised to learn you’re most definitely mistaken.

28:20 ~ Brenna and Maggie offer tips on what internship candidates can do to better ensure and improve their chances of success.

32:29 ~ Maggie and Brenna share their favorite “go-to” sites to learn more about AFCS, internships, and everything you ever wanted to know about being a civilian employee of the world’s most powerful air force. Psssst…past Aim Hire episodes are high on that list.

34:15 ~ Brenna describes the upcoming PCIP Symposium for the most recent class of college students accepted into the elite internship program and just what those 500 students have to look forward to.

37:41 ~ Maggie and Brenna share when the best time to apply for their respective internship programs is and the basic qualifications for each.

39:17 ~ Brenna shares what it is she likes most about the unique AFCS workplace culture.

40:29 ~ Brenna and Maggie share some of their favorite experiences throughout their careers.

44:09 ~ Maggie and Brenna explain the motivation that solidified her decision to initially join the Air Force, Maggie as an active-duty Airman, and Brenna as a civilian.

49:28 ~ Maggie and Brenna share the one thing they feel makes the Air Force incomparable to other employers.

50:36 ~ Ryan ends the evening by opening the floor to audience questions, addressing everything from development programs to advancement and the GS pay scales.