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Aim Hire: It’s the Little Things That Matter Most

This month on Aim Hire, “It’s the Little Things That Matter,” AFCS discussed the many opportunities in educational fields within the United States Air Force. Career Field Administrator with AFCS’ Force Support Career Field Team, Ami Prince, spoke with Jennifer Couch, an Assistant Chief and Supervisory Child Development Specialist, and Necoleia Friend Child, a Development Program Director, about classroom positions at installations, as well as Kim Gilman, a Supervisory Youth Program Specialist (Assistant Flight Chief) who spoke on available jobs for youth counselors at Air Force bases across the U.S.

They talked about the full range of programs they offer to ensure the needs of military families are met. These include child development centers, family childcare, expanded childcare, school liaison professionals who help children transition smoothly into local schools when their parents relocate, and more. (14:05)

There are many opportunities and positions that you can apply for within the childcare programs. Some of the positions include direct work with children, assistant directors, and directors overseeing the facility. Training and curriculum specialists use a variety of methods to train their staff, including written materials, videos, and in-person instruction. School liaisons act as go-betweens for families and the school system to make sure each child has an opportunity to get a good education during their transitions. (16:03)

The panelists also shared the benefits of working for the public sector, including opportunities for paid training and professional development. This includes tuition assistance, travel opportunities to attend conferences, headquarter training, career options that allow individuals to advance in their careers without relocating, as well as opportunities for professionals to transfer to other installations around the world. (19:03)

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