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Aim Hire, Living the Life: A Taste of Things to Come

If you’re considering a job at AFCS, chances are you might be more than just a little curious about what working for the world’s most powerful air force as a civilian is like. Well, you’ve come to the right place. In December’s Aim Hire, “Living the Life: A Taste of Things to Come,” we not only give you a taste of what you have to look forward to at AFCS but also a feel for what it would be like to be in the shoes of three AFCS employees who have made long-term careers “living the life.” You won’t want to miss a single minute, but if you want to skip straight to the main course, we highly recommend these succulent soundbites:


Stacy describes his transition from active duty to civilian service and how it allowed him to continue his passion for upholding the culture of “one fight, one mission” and the camaraderie that comes with it.


Mike describes how he and his spouse both work for the Air Force — she as an active-duty JAG officer and he as a civilian contract manager, and just how advantageous the Air Force‘s emphasis on maintaining a healthy work-life balance has been to his career.


Mike shares the amusing story of when he first learned there are important roles for civilians in the Air Force, and the surprise of learning just how many there were.


Stacy describes his role providing logistics instruction at Hill Air Force Base in Utah as part of Air Force Materiel Command and the important roles the base’s 25,000 civilians play in supporting, maintaining, and refurbishing aircraft.


Stacey does a deep dive into the intangible benefits of civilian service that keep him motivated and dedicated to the important mission of supporting America’s Airmen.


Renee shares how his AFCS career made it possible for him to donate dozens of hours of personal leave to a colleague who had health concerns, and the importance the Air Force places on quality of life.


Responding to a question from the audience, Mike describes AFCS’s Copper Cap and Palace Acquire Internship programs that prepare civilians for Contract Administration and STEM careers, providing full-time jobs for those who complete the programs.


The panelists provide advice about what skills are in highest demand at AFCS. From creativity and problem-solving ability to the adaptability and willingness to contour your skills to the task at hand. Not to mention the importance of having a solid resume that mirrors the requirements of the job you’re applying for are all key.


The panelists share their most memorable personal experiences as civilian employees of the Air Force.

Mike describes voluntarily deploying as a civilian to Afghanistan, working shoulder to shoulder with our active-duty warriors in a war zone.


Stacy details the challenges of transition from active duty to civilian and the resources that are available to warfighters to facilitate the change.


Bob fields a viewer’s question, explaining that no prior military service is required for AFCS employment and security clearances, are only required for certain positions.