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Aim Hire: Making the Decisions That Make the Mission

In the Air Force, there are those who drive the aircraft, some who drive innovation, and still others who drive the decision-making behind everything they do. For Operations Research Analysts (ORAs), it’s the latter. They fill key roles throughout the Air Force, from logistics to acquisitions to resource management, using their mathematical and analytical ability to analyze data to develop models that help Air Force leadership make informed, data-driven decisions. If analyzing data for informed decision-making is what drives you, Aim Hire: Making the Decisions That Make the Mission was made for you.

To make your decision-making even easier, we’ve compiled the helpful shortcuts below:

1:17 Host Bob Hall describes the role of the ORA.

10:03 Linda describes the important mission of the 16th Air Force’s Data Exploitation and Operational Application for Studies, Analyses, Assessments, and Lessons Learned office.

12:21 Jessica describes the mission of the Air Force Cost Analysis Agency.

15:20 Brenda explains the role of the Department of the Air Force Survey office at Joint Base San Antonio.

21:51 Linda answers a question from the audience as to whether a security clearance is required to be an ORA, and, if so, how does one go about obtaining one? It may come as a surprise to learn you can still show up for work even as your clearance is being processed.

25:24 The panelists share how they first learned about civilian careers in the Air Force.

36:59 The panelists describe the qualities and educational background they look for in employees for each of their respective offices.

41:31 The group details the emphasis and support the Air Force provides to foster personal and professional growth.

53:34 Linda closes out the hour by describing what it takes to be a successful Operations Research Analyst and the importance of not accidentally eliminating yourself if you feel you are qualified but don’t have precisely the background requested in the job description.