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Aim Hire: Reach for the Sky

Get ready for takeoff. This month’s Aim Hire focused on Civilian careers for flight instructors and flight simulator instructors in the Air Force. Our guests flew right through the requirements, the hiring process, the training, and so much more. Watch the full episode to hear from the following instructors and hiring managers:
  • Bill Foster, Hiring Manager at Vance Air Force Base in Enid, OK
  • Ken Knox, Career Advisor at Randolph Air Force Base, San Antonio, TX
  • David Loftus, Instructor and Hiring Manager at Laughlin Air Force Base Del Rio, TX
  • Bill Songer, Flight Simulator Instructor at Columbus Air Force Base, Columbus, MS

They covered the day-to-day experience, from the classroom and the simulator to the local experience at each base. The locations with current openings for Civilian Pilot Instructors and Simulator Pilot Instructors include Laughlin AFB in Texas; Vance AFB in Oklahoma; Columbus AFB in Mississippi; and Tyndall AFB in Florida. (5:40-12:47)

A key reminder for anyone applying carefully read the job announcement. You’ll need to meet all the requirements, provide all the documentation, and thoroughly describe all your skills for your application to be considered. This is critical.

Here’s a quick rundown of the basic requirements and documentation, but each location can have more specific qualifications, which will be included in the job announcement:
  • 1,500 hours, including at least 500 instructor hours, in a fixed-wing aircraft
  • Appropriate FAA pilot certificates and/or appropriate military ratings
  • Flight logs
  • Resume
  • Transcripts
  • If you’re former military, your DD214 or a form in lieu of the DD214

AFCS is here to help you through the application process. When you sign up at, you can connect with a Talent Acquisition Consultant, like our host Jessica Bartley, who can act as your wingman. Jessica and others can work with you to build your federal resume and your application. So, take that first step and register today.

Our panelists also talked about what type of person makes a great instructor (18:06-19:54) and what makes the job so rewarding (30:36-33:39). Ken Knox also talked about specific flying roles (12:48-14:12) and what’s ahead for the Civilian flight instructor career path in the Air Force.