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Aim Hire: Shoulder to Shoulder

What better way to recognize both Independence Day and Hire a Veteran Day than a special Aim Hire honoring our veterans and the important role they play within Air Force Civilian Service?

During this episode, we meet with three accomplished veterans who’ll show you your service to the nation doesn’t have to end when your military service does. Each has elected to follow their service in the military by continuing to serve the nation and its interests as civilian employees of the U.S. Air Force.

If you’ve served in the military or are currently in active duty and thinking about transitioning to a career in civil service when you retire or separate and are curious what that might look like, this Aim Hire episode is for you. Chris Mick, Air Force Veteran of 23 years, does a great job walking you through the experience at 12:10 of the webinar and goes into even more detail at 23:48.

At 14:55, Ken Journey, 27 years active duty, contrasts military and civil service and some of the benefits and flexibility that civilian employees enjoy that their brothers and sisters in arms don’t; work-life balance being top among them. Jimmy Spears, 24 years active duty, expounds on that topic, or the “best of both worlds” as he phrases it at 18:54 of the webinar.

At 21:52, host Bob Hall, 28 years active duty, describes the abundance of appealing locations you have to choose from as an AFCS civil servant, including some choice assignments overseas, should you choose that route.

For some helpful tips on how to apply for federal jobs through AFCS or USAJobs, you’ll definitely want to check out the segment at 27:00, as Ken walks you through the process, as well as runs down some of the special hiring initiatives veterans enjoy.

Finally, at 31:48, the panel shares their personal reflections on why Air Force Civilian Service is such a wise career choice, from offering stability during times of economic uncertainty to the camaraderie that comes from serving shoulder to shoulder within a tight-knit, like-minded team serving the nation and having a tangible impact toward its security.