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This is not your father’s Civil Engineering career! The Air Force Civil Engineering Career Field encompasses a variety of occupational areas beyond the traditional civil engineering discipline: architects, realty specialists, housing managers, environmental professionals, financial managers, biologists, firefighters, electricians, carpenters, painters, and more.

The mission of the United States Air Force Civil Engineer is to maintain the installation’s physical plant through all phases of the built infrastructure lifecycle, including planning, acquiring, sustaining, managing, operating, and divesting. This physical plant consists of operational facilities, training facilities, support facilities, housing, and base-wide infrastructure such as utility systems. Civil Engineers also manage natural infrastructure assets, such as air, space, land, and water, ensuring installations have the natural infrastructure to support current and future missions.

Students and entry-level candidates interested in an AFCS Civil Engineering career should consider the PALACE Acquire intern program. Details can be found here.

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