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Whether you talk on it or type on it, any way you can communicate, the Communications and Information Career Field is on top of it. Managing communications infrastructure systems the size of small cities requires a wide range of expertise and often leads to developing new technology that will eventually find its way out to the public. We support communications that travel around the globe and thousands of miles into space from traditional physical mail to satellite communications and weather and air traffic control systems.

The Communications and Information Career Field encompasses a broad range of expertise: network systems operations, including information assurance, computer network defense and electronic protection; information resource management, including Chief Information Officer (CIO) duties; systems engineering and architecture design; telecommunications, space, command and control, and flight-line systems maintenance; postal operations; and visual information management. Our team members plan, design, build, manage, and maintain communications and information systems architectures; plan and organize comm and info acquisition management activities; perform comm and info engineering functions; direct information life-cycle management activities; and provide executive officer support.

Interested students and entry-level candidates should consider the PALACE Acquire intern program. Details can be found here.

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