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A wise man said, “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” The History and Museums Career Field comprises a global network of trained, educated, and experienced professional historians, archivists, writers, and museum curators and specialists with a deep belief in the value of history’s contributions to combat capability and program development. Air Force History and Museums personnel are postured to meet their mission of improving United States Air Force combat capability through the collection, preservation, interpretation, dissemination, and display of historical information, artifacts, and United States Air Force heritage.

As an Air Force Civilian Service (AFCS) historian, you will be designated Emergency Essential and will be required to deploy in support of wartime, contingency, and/or humanitarian operations. You will be one of the authors of history, as you chronicle various operations and collect documentary material for future studies, addressing key issues such as mission, plans, policy formulation, and contingency operations. Other positions require work at one of 12 United States Air Force museums or seven heritage centers across the United States. At AFCS, you can be a part of history by making sure it is recorded and reported accurately.

Interested students and entry-level candidates should also consider the PALACE Acquire intern program. Details can be found here.

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