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In today’s dynamic global security environment, building strong relationships with allies and partners has never been more relevant, or more important. Building these critical relationships requires skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced International Affairs (IA) professionals to execute programs in support of the United States Air Force mission and U.S. national security objectives. These programs include political-military affairs; security assistance; foreign disclosure and export control; technology and information transfer; military personnel exchange programs; and cooperative research development and acquisition.

Our nation depends on our political-military expertise to build relationships with our partners and allies, so our IA team must be elite-in-class. To ensure team members’ continued development, we provide access to a variety of educational programs including an on-line, field-specific Master’s program, career-broadening programs including cross-functional assignments, and tuition assistance programs for career-related continuing education.

Interested students and entry-level candidates should also consider the PALACE Acquire intern program. Details can be found here.

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