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If you have expertise in the law, you can make a valuable contribution with the Air Force Civilian Service (AFCS). About 20% of the Air Force Judge Advocate General’s Corps attorney population worldwide is civilian. They occupy positions at every level: base, wing, Major Command, and The Air Staff. These positions carry tremendous responsibility, and many are among the most highly visible in the Corps. Civilian attorneys are routinely relied upon to contract or litigate with United States Air Force resources, with sums in the tens of thousands of dollars at stake. They tackle the most difficult and complex labor and environmental issues, develop policy for the United States Air Force, and ensure that the legal needs of members from airmen to general officers are met professionally.

Approximately 15-20 civilian attorney vacancies occur each year. Appointments are rarely made prior to admission to the bar because of the abundance of fully-qualified attorneys that are available, however interested students and entry-level candidates should consider the PALACE Acquire intern program. Details can be found here.

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