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Air Force Operations is the center of gravity for the planning and sustainment of all Air Force systems. We are the Air Force focal point for developing and integrating operational strategies, organizational concepts, policies, and plans to support the warfighter’s employment of aerospace power and the Expeditionary Aerospace Force (EAF). Our mission is to train, develop, and prepare civilians to integrate the air, space, and cyber domains; and increase our combat capability by providing guidance, developing/evaluating employment concepts, and supporting combat/contingency actions.

Air Force Operations personnel are employed in a variety of different capacities around the globe. Each area provides the foundational knowledge, skills, and experience combined with the technical education requirements necessary to support the Air Force mission. The Operations Career Field encompasses over 15 different occupational series and nearly 6,000 workforce employees, in both white collar and blue collar occupations. The Operations Career Field includes assignments in air, cyber, nuclear, space, joint operations, and management. Our team members analyze, maintain, and support weapon systems worldwide; execute operational policy; develop and integrate operational strategies, plans, and concepts; and determine, validate, and develop capability requirements to execute National Military Strategy.

Careers within Operations include Aircraft Operations; Air Navigation; Air Traffic Control; Air Transportation Operation; Contingency, Current, and Future Operations; Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance; Operational Test and Evaluation; Program Administration, Analysis, and Management; Wargaming, Modeling, and Simulation; and many more. A career in Operations provides excellent opportunities in training, education, assignment experience, and career development to equip civilian employees with the tools to become tomorrow's leaders… today.

Students and entry-level candidates should also consider the PALACE Acquire intern program. Details can be found here.

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