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Like everything else, America’s missions around the globe are impacted by the weather. The mission of the Air Force Weather Career Field is to maximize America’s power through the exploitation of timely, accurate, and relevant weather information—anytime, everywhere.

Weather career field members work as meteorologists, meteorological technicians, miscellaneous administration and program positions, and management and program analysts to provide around-the-clock weather analyses, forecasts, warnings, aircrew mission briefings, and technical managerial support to Air Force, Army, Guard, and Reserve forces operating at over 400 installations throughout the Continental United States (CONUS), and fixed and deployed installations worldwide.

The meteorologist executes, manages, or directs weather operations critical to the success of Air Force and Army operations. He/she provides professional expertise in characterizing and exploiting the atmospheric and space weather environments. AF meteorologists also develop, direct, and coordinate meteorological weather studies, analysis, and research.

The meteorological technician is an expert in atmospheric and/or space weather and the impact these conditions have on weapon systems and operational missions. They are a key part of the worldwide team that observes and forecasts weather conditions and operational effects on a scale that ranges from global operations to the weather forecast for a specific military operation or mission.

The miscellaneous administration and program position and management and program analyst provide professional oversight in the areas of weather operations, resources, policy, programs, personnel, and/or systems.

Interested students and entry-level candidates should consider the Pathways Internship Program. ?Details can be found here.


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