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Employment of Individuals with Disabilities

If you are an individual with a disability that is medically documented, you may be able to apply for any number of professional, administrative, and technical jobs that the Air Force is filling either:

  • Competitively – Individuals compete with one another through a structured process; or,
  • Noncompetitively – Individuals may be selected based on a special appointing authority.

Under either method, people who are selected for a Federal job must meet the qualification requirements, and must be able to perform the essential duties of the job with or without reasonable accommodation.

Air Force civilian jobs that are filled competitively are advertised through the website.

Air Force civilian jobs can also be filled noncompetitively by people who have severe physical, psychiatric, or intellectual disabilities. Eligible candidates are those who have documentation about their disability and their job readiness from a licensed medical professional, a licensed vocational rehabilitation specialist, or any Federal, state, or Washington, DC agency that provides disability benefits. Candidates who are selected for noncompetitive appointment are hired through the Schedule A (5 CFR 213.3102(u)) Hiring Authority.

There are two ways that individuals with a disability can be hired non-competitively:

  • Individuals with a disability need to verify the qualifying disability by the State vocational rehabilitation agency; Department of Veterans Affairs; or a licensed physician. Individuals may be converted to competitive status after two successful years of job performance under the Schedule A appointment.
  • Individuals who are severely disabled can also be hired non-competitively after completion of a 700-hour appointment. This trial appointment allows people with disabilities to demonstrate their ability to do the job. If successful, employees may convert to a continuing Schedule A appointment without certification.


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