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What is the Contracting COPPER CAP Program?

The COPPER CAP Program is designed to prepare college graduates for careers as Air Force Civilian Service (AFCS) Contract Specialists. Contract Specialist trainees are assigned to work with professional Contracting Officers and receive formal and on-the-job training in all aspects of contract management, including requirements definition, solicitation preparation, price justification, negotiation and award, and administration of contracts. Learn more about the Contracting Career Field at AFCS here.

Our Contract Specialists are at the heart of the complex process of satisfying United States Air Force requirements for everything from satellites, electronics, and high-performance aircraft to supplies and services necessary for the day-to-day operation of military installations around the world. Throughout the process, contracting personnel must ensure procedures are followed which reflect the proper interpretation of a myriad of laws and regulations capable of withstanding the scrutiny of the Federal Courts, the General Accounting Office (GAO), the United States Congress, and the American public.


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