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Locations & Lifestyle

To provide the best possible support to the Air Force and our active duty Airmen, Air Force Civilian Service (AFCS) employees work primarily on, or near, United States Air Force installations. It doesn’t take long to notice that a base is a lot like a small town. It is a self-contained community providing every kind of service: child care, shopping, entertainment, recreation, and much more. And like small towns, our communities are amazingly close-knit. AFCS employees often talk of the “sense of family” that they feel. Folks look out for one another, and they offer support, encouragement, and friendship in an environment conducive to raising a family and just plain “getting along.” We’re confident that the AFCS way of life will contribute to a healthy, well-rounded, safe, and secure experience—both at work and at play.

We operate at more than 80 locations across the country and around the world. Much like our active duty counterparts, AFCS employees are encouraged to pursue civilian career opportunities wherever they’d like to live. With AFCS, you can stay close to home or experience life in a brand new place.

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