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Qualification vs. Eligibility Continued

In the simplest terms, “eligibility” boils down to whether or not you have something called “status.” In this context, “status” means that you have some current or former connection with Federal Government employment or military service.

Each Air Force Civilian Service Job Opportunity Announcement will carefully spell out who is eligible to apply in the “Who May Apply” section. Further details on who may apply can be found in the “Other Information” and “How to Apply” sections. It is very important to review these requirements carefully. If you do not meet the requirements listed, you may not apply for the job.

The bottom line is, if you have prior Federal employment experience, you’ll already know about eligibility. If you don’t, then focus on jobs that list “United States Citizens” in the “Who May Apply” section. These jobs are open to any and all candidates who meet the qualification requirements, regardless of whether or not they have “status.”

For additional information on this subject please review the Air Force “Civilian Employment Eligibility Guide.”

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