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Who We Are

AFCS is a worldwide organization employing more than 180,000 men and women across a broad array of jobs. We are the civilian support component of the United States Air Force, providing everything from human resources to engineering and child care to contract management. We are not active duty military, but we work side by side with uniformed Airmen to support the defense of our nation.

As an AFCS employee, you will not be required to join the United States Air Force or make any kind of military commitment, but most members of our team find that the spirit, dedication, and respect of the military spill over into their civilian world. If you do become interested in serving closer to the action, there are many voluntary opportunities for civilian deployment, but you will remain a civilian. If you are interested in becoming an active duty Airman, we encourage you to apply to the military, but, as a civilian employee with AFCS, you can make a contribution to our nation’s defense without a military commitment.

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