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Smart / Ambitious / Confident.

You are amazing. A real force to be reckoned with.

We want you to do amazing things. We want you to make an impact on the world.
We want you to do all that and more working on our team.

A career with AFCS offers everything you could want in a job: quality of life, career growth opportunities, competitive compensation and benefits, an award winning workplace, and perhaps most importantly, personal satisfaction.

With thousands of employment opportunities at more than 80 domestic and overseas locations, we’re sure there’s a place for you on our team.

We get it. We know who you are and what you can offer. Our future depends on you. We need you on our team. That’s why we offer awesome programs for qualifying current students and recent college graduates that make AFCS a really attractive place to get started. Things like paid internships, scholarships, tuition payments, student loan repayments, paid post-graduate studies, and even sign-on bonuses.

You'll Be Amazed

We are the Air Force Civilian Service (AFCS). At 170,000 strong, we’re pretty impressive. We sustain and equip the U.S. Air Force and help keep the world’s most powerful air force and its impressive fleet of aircraft flying and ready for anything.

We also support a mission in space with every kind of satellite, with launch vehicles and rockets, and with highly sophisticated equipment that helps keep us safe and benefits everyone. Take GPS—yeah, that’s us—our team put it in place and the apps you use every day rely on it.

Then there’s cyberspace. That’s where really challenging things are happening. We lead the way on the cyber front, engaged in incredible, complicated, and frankly, super-secret work. So enough said!

Bottom line, we can’t continue our success without you. We need smart, talented, creative, and ambitious people like you to help us make a difference in air, space, and cyberspace.

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Programs for Students

500 paid full-time positions are available to current college and university juniors, and to graduate students who are currently enrolled in a full-time graduate program and who can provide documentation that they will have completed a minimum of 15 semester hours prior to starting the summer internship. These positions last 10-12 weeks during the summer and are offered in over 45 locations around the country. It's worth repeating, these are paid full-time positions.

You will be working shoulder to shoulder with current AFCS employees on challenging and rewarding projects and making a real contribution to the mission of the U.S. Air Force-invaluable real-world experience as you plan your future.

Even better, these Premier College Internships may qualify you for a permanent full-time position at AFCS once you complete your degree. A full-time offer will include a career development plan, a great salary, and all the benefits federal employees enjoy.

Paid Internships are open to students enrolled at least half-time in a variety of qualifying accredited educational programs at high-school through graduate levels. Students can work part-time or full-time in jobs related to their field of study or interests.

For students looking for temporary summer employment and the opportunity to gain valuable and marketable work experience during the summer months, the Summer Hire Program is a terrific option. Not to mention you’ll be earning money while being exposed to the life and culture of AFCS.

These scholarships provide students currently pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees in the STEM disciplines paid tuition and other educational expenses, a generous cash stipend, health insurance allowance, and paid summer internships at AFCS.

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Programs for Recent Grads

AFCS uses Pathways Recent Graduates appointments to fill positions in the COPPER CAP Program (COP), which focuses on Contract Specialists, and the PALACE Acquire Program (PAQ), which fills positions in many career fields. These programs have educational requirements and may also require a minimum grade-point average or a willingness to relocate.

Designed to prepare college graduates for careers at AFCS as Contract Specialists, COPPER CAP interns are assigned to work with professional Contracting Officers and receive formal on-the-job training in all aspects of contract management, including market research, requirements definition, solicitation preparation, price justification, negotiation and award, and administration of contracts.

Contract Specialists are at the heart of the complex process of supplying and sustaining the Air Force with everything from satellites, electronics, and high-performance aircraft to supplies and services necessary for the day-to-day operation of military installations around the world.

Applicants at the COP Program must have a minimum of a four-year degree and a desired 24 semester hours of a business course(s).

The PALACE Acquire Program offers permanent full-time positions in a wide range of occupations following a 2 to 4-year period with a formal training plan designed for both personal and professional growth.

Promotions and yearly salary increases are granted based upon performance and supervisory approval. Upon successful completion of the formal training plan, the PALACE Acquire Program offers a permanent position at AFCS, making it a great way to start your professional life.

A degree is required for the PAQ program — associate's, bachelor's, master's, doctorate, or a vocational or technical degree, or certificate within the preceding two years. Those with a master's degree or with a bachelor's degree and professional experience may qualify for higher-level opportunities. Some programs may require a minimum grade-point average or a willingness to relocate.

Eligible veterans, who were not able to apply within two years of completing their degree due to active duty military service obligation, may have up to six years after degree or certificate completion to apply.

This is a development program that leads to a permanent engineering or scientist position after successful completion. Bachelor of Science graduates begin a well-planned, three-year development and training program, which includes one year of graduate studies relating to selected STEM disciplines.

The first and third years of this program involve work experience, while the second year is dedicated to full-time paid graduate studies—including a full salary.

We also offer eligible candidates sign-on bonuses and repayment of qualifying federally insured student loans.

Qualified applicants with relevant Master of Science or Bachelor of Science degrees supplemented by one year of professional engineering or science experience may be placed in a two-year on-the-job training program that leads to a promotion to journeyman-level engineer or scientist.

PALACE Acquire (PAQ) is a three-year, full-time, paid training program designed to enhance both professional advancement and personal growth.

Promotions and yearly salary increases are granted based upon performance and supervisory approval. Upon successful completion of the formal training plan, the PALACE Acquire Program offers a permanent position at AFCS, making it a great way to start your professional life.

This program is for recent college graduates with specialties in computer science, electronic engineering, and information technology. The program includes formal training, as well as performance-based promotions and yearly salary increases. At the end of the formal training period, the PAQ program offers a permanent position at AFCS in cybersecurity and IT.

Some PAQ participants may qualify for student loan repayment and tuition assistance for postgraduate studies.

We are currently accepting applications for this program.

PMF is a flagship two-year leadership development program for advanced degree candidates. Designed to prepare you for a leadership position in the federal government, the program attracts and selects from among the very best and brightest candidates.

Upon successful completion of the program, you could be converted to a full-time employee.


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