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Taking on the challenge of a civilian job at AFCS means knowing you make a difference to the lives of those who defend our nation. At AFCS Acquisition, you’ll help deliver innovative multimillion-dollar programs that strengthen the capabilities of Air Force personnel around the world.

At AFCS you’ll take on responsibility faster than you would in private enterprise or industry. Our people experience career advancement at a pace unmatched anywhere else and enjoy educational opportunities, leadership training, and the encouragement of colleagues and supervisors. AFCS Acquisition offers a supportive and inclusive workplace where excellence is rewarded and work-life balance is a priority.

Business and technical professionals are in high demand. We understand how valuable your talents are. That’s why we want you on our team, filling vital and challenging positions around the country and making a contribution far more important than any bottom line.

We seek committed, talented, and ambitious professionals to help discover, develop, and deliver systems and equipment at the highest standard.


Contract Management • Cost Estimating & Analysis • Financial Management • Life-Cycle Logistics • Program Management


Engineering • Information Technology • Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM)



Working on the business side of AFCS Acquisition requires effective planning and successful execution of projects under challenging, fast-paced, and ever-changing conditions. Our business professionals face exciting challenges every day:

  • Budget development and cost control
  • Realistic funding profiles, accurate manpower requirements, and effective cost modeling and estimates
  • Balancing resources and competing demands to achieve project objectives within budget and on schedule
  • Integrating technical and business requirements for effective source selection planning, solicitation, and award
  • Effective contract management and administration, as well as use of auditing resources
  • Accurate and timely reporting of program execution, trends, and business risks
  • Team leadership

Put your business skills to work negotiating and executing multimillion-dollar purchases on behalf of our nation’s government to help outfit and supply the finest fighting force in the world.


The United States Air Force requires everything from satellites, electronics, and high-performance aircraft to supplies and services necessary for the day-to-day operation of military installations around the world.

As a contracting professional at AFCS Acquisition, you’ll be part of a team responsible for managing nearly $70 billion to ensure Air Force personnel have what they need, when they need it.

Working with the utmost integrity, you’ll help ensure that contracts are sound and can withstand the scrutiny of the Federal courts, the Government Accountability Office (GAO), the United States Congress, and the American public.

Contract Management positions are available worldwide and include:

Contract Specialists • Contract Negotiators • Price/Cost Analysts and Procurement Analysts

Students and entry-level candidates should also consider the COPPER CAP Intern Program. Learn more about this incredible program HERE.


As a cost analyst, you will help strengthen and maintain the effectiveness of the Air Force by providing sound quantitative information on overall financial and programmatic decisions to peers and leadership.

Our cost analysts develop sophisticated, statistically-based pricing models and employ mathematical and technical processes to help predict future costs, fine-tune assessments, understand the probable economic/financial effects of alternative solutions, and make recommendations for improving efficiencies.

Cost analysts work in a variety of areas such as force structure, weapon systems, information systems, research and technology programs, and support activities. Continually looking for additional efficiencies, they also conduct research projects to improve analytical concepts, methods, and techniques.

On our team, you’ll leverage your talents to find the best ways to effectively and efficiently spend billions of dollars on equipment and services to support warfighters and serve the American people.

Working with the utmost integrity, you’ll help ensure that contracts are sound and can withstand the scrutiny of the Federal courts, the Government Accountability Office (GAO), the United States Congress, and the American public.


AFCS Acquisition programs are dependent on the careful management of resources to ensure success. Financial management professionals are the trusted advisors to program managers on all financial matters and work closely with other business professionals on the Acquisition team.

As part of the financial management team, you will help ensure resources are properly aligned with requirements, track delivery of appropriated funds, develop budget justifications for Congress, initiate execution actions, provide guidance on fiscal policy determinations, and provide high-quality support to decision makers.


Logistics management is a vital element of AFCS Acquisition. Without it, our ability to support Air Force personnel and their mission becomes an impossible task.

Life cycle logistics involves end-to-end support of aircraft, materiel, and information systems operated by the Air Force—systems in development or systems that are already in use.

As a life cycle logistician, you will help identify requirements for funding, manpower, materiel, facilities, and services—then develop in-depth plans to ensure the resources needed are available.


Our program managers guide the planning and execution of complex multimillion-dollar projects that are fundamental to the safety of our nation. Key to your success is ensuring that these projects meet cost, schedule and performance objectives.

As an Acquisition program manager, you’ll provide leadership that touches every aspect of the acquisition process, including technology development and engineering integration, program control, test and deployment, configuration management, production and manufacturing, quality assurance and logistics support.

You’ll organize and develop program strategies, management plans, schedules, and budgets.

You’ll determine organizational structure, personnel, training needs, and security requirements.

As you gain experience and demonstrate business and technical acumen, your responsibilities will grow to include leading teams of military, civilian, and contractor personnel.

Technical Careers In Acquisition

Go beyond conventional thinking

AFCS Acquisition is looking for the best and the brightest—professionals who can apply their knowledge and experience to discovering and developing innovative solutions for our men and women in uniform.

Your strong background in science, technology, engineering and mathematics help ensure our nation has the advantage—now and into the future. Your education, training, and experience in technical disciplines are powerful and highly valued assets on our Acquisition team.


AFCS Acquisition relies on a wide range of engineering disciplines, including mechanical, electrical, chemical, aerospace, and more.

Our engineers provide expertise and technical leadership on projects and programs developing, acquiring, testing, and supporting technologically advanced weapon systems and other Air Force capabilities.

Engineers on our team collaborate with professionals in other scientific disciplines including IT, test and evaluation, product support, and manufacturing at our own Acquisition laboratories and in private industry.

  • Apply your engineering expertise in the design, development, and production of systems and subsystems.
  • Anticipate future needs and trends, investigate the application of new technology or new approaches to overcome current engineering limitations, and find solutions to problems.
  • Analyze designs, guide the preparation of technical specifications, conduct technical reviews and demonstrations, manage technical data, conduct tests and analyze results.
  • Monitor contractors’ work by inspecting their facilities and efforts, and report accurate program status.


Our IT specialists work on the electronic and computing systems vital to communication, analysis, and war fighting capabilities of the U.S. Air Force—from hand-held devices to sophisticated satellite systems.

Air Force networks and supporting systems are in the hands of AFCS IT professionals. They are on the front lines enhancing accuracy, performance, security and privacy.

As an IT pro on our team you will apply your knowledge to a variety of systems and programs:

  • IT systems life cycle development
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Information assurance, confidentiality, integrity and availability
  • Project management for planning, design, development, test, operations, maintenance and disposal of IT user interfaces, software applications, data storage, data transmission, network management and infrastructure


We maintain our own world-class research labs and R&D facilities. Equipped with technology available nowhere else, our scientists enjoy unfettered freedom to explore and create next-generation solutions and systems to maintain every advantage for our Air Force.

As a scientist at AFCS you will be on the front lines of discovery and innovation supporting our men and women in uniform as they serve and protect our nation.


Innovation has always distinguished the Air Force and gives America an edge in air, space and cyberspace. That's why we recognize a critical need for STEM talent to help ensure our technological advantage, now and in the future. Our goal is to attract the nation's best and brightest—you might be one of the people we're looking for.

Acquisition Force scientists solve problems across an impressive array of disciplines:

Environmental • Materials • Physics • Geographical Information Systems Geophysics • Meteorology • Physiology • Toxicology • Chemical • Biological Radiological • Nuclear

At AFCS Acquisition, your expertise can be applied to a wide range of assignments and projects, from conducting leading-edge research with Nobel Prize laureates, to discovering and developing new innovations.

BRING WHAT YOU KNOW - We’ll equip you with the rest


Today’s Acquisition professionals must be highly skilled and flexible enough to adapt to the rapid changes taking place in our world. We invest in developing people who have the right skills, a willingness to learn and the motivation to take on big challenges.

Take advantage of the numerous opportunities for training and development we offer like ongoing and continuous education and training.


We have Development Teams committed to helping employees define and achieve their personal career plans and goals. They provide a mechanism for two-way communication enabling everyone to take ownership of their career, find the guidance they need and engage with experts who are ready to help take their career to the next level.

Our Development Team members are leaders in the Acquisition Force with extensive experience ready to help you when you become a part of our team. They are looking out for your interests, making themselves available to provide you with an understanding of, and guide you through, the education, training, and experience necessary at key stages of your career.

Members of the Development Teams stand ready to help you make smart choices that are consistent with your goals and your potential–to mentor and assist you–because your success is our success.


Continuous learning is crucial in developing a highly-qualified Acquisition workforce capable of maximum performance now and into the future. Through our continuous learning programs, we provide needed tools to meet future challenges.


eLearning modules • Training courses through corporate universities • Self-directed study Teaching or mentoring • Certification and cross-training • Gaming and simulation


Speaking or presenting at professional seminars • Publishing articles • Workshop participation • Professional certification


Formal training • Formal academic programs


Rotational assignments • Project leader assignments • Industry experience

Certification for Acquisition Professionals


The Acquisition Professional Development Program (APDP) is a DoD-wide certification that validates individuals who meet the mandatory requirements for their specific Acquisition job. In addition, it provides a means of gauging yourself against AFCS Acquisition competencies, which must be mastered at various levels. All of this helps increase the proficiency of our Acquisition workforce. And because the Acquisition environment is always changing, continuous learning programs help you maintain professional currency and keep you at the top of your game.

You can also enhance your professional outlook through career field technical training, leadership training, developmental education, and professional military education. You’ll have plenty of ways to stay ahead of the curve and be ready for future challenges.

Job Seekers with Disabilities

Having a disability is never a barrier to a rewarding civilian career at AFCS Acquisition.

If you have a disability and are interested in joining us, we want to help get you started. The USAJOBS Resource Center for Individuals with Disabilities provides information about the different ways you can start a career and information on special considerations and accommodations.

The Air Force is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified candidates will receive full and fair consideration for employment. All applicants and employees are protected from unlawful discrimination and harassment on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, marital status, citizenship status, veteran status, disability or any other category protected by applicable law.

Opportunities for Veterans


Build a career as rewarding as your time in uniform supporting and sustaining our Airmen in their mission around the world and continue your service to our country.

AFCS is committed to hiring veterans. While there are Federal laws providing hiring preference and special appointing authorities for veterans, AFCS Acquisition recognizes that hiring veterans just makes sense. Veterans on our team add tremendous value, experience, and dedication—just what we need.

To help veterans access employment information, the Office of Personnel Management created a website to provide the latest and most complete information for Veterans. Visit for post-military career information.


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