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Aim Hire: A First Look at Air Force Civilian Service


Our first AFCS Aim Hire webinar was a huge success, with registration filling up within 12 hours! The event video is included here, plus key information from the event below. We hope you find this information helpful in your career journey. And join us soon for our next AFCS Aim Hire webinar, when we focus on opportunities for students and recent graduates. (SPOILER ALERT: many are PAID!)

When we share about opportunities for civilians in the Air Force, we get a LOT of questions. We want to take on some of those myths here, including questions around military service, competitive salaries, and where to find the latest job announcements.


MYTH: Military service is required as an Air Force civilian.

FACT: As a civilian in the Air Force, you are an integral part of the Total Force and committed to the same Air Force mission. However, you are NOT signing up for military duty, and there is NO service requirement. You will be a federal employee serving in the Air Force, not a government contractor or personal services contractor for the Air Force.

MYTH: The federal government doesn’t pay well.

FACT: Federal government salaries are surprisingly competitive with the private sector, especially for mid-level jobs. Some can pay more than $100,000. Federal health insurance and retirement benefits can also be better than private businesses. Plus, salaries are adjusted to reflect the cost of living of each locality.

MYTH: All federal government job openings are listed on

FACT: While MOST federal government job openings are listed on, NOT ALL of the available positions can be found there. Federal agencies are required to list their openings publicly. Many do list their openings on, and some prefer to post on their own sites, including here on

Now, you’re armed with the facts—there are thousands of opportunities around the world available as a civilian in the Air Force, with competitive salaries and no military service required. Search for your next job here on our site, and don’t forget to subscribe to get the latest on our events and new job announcements.