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Aim Hire: FAQs. Nothing but the FAQs.

This month’s episode of Aim Hire was dedicated to your questions. We took a look at the questions we received by email, social media, and during the last four episodes of this Aim Hire series. We pulled the most frequently asked questions and had our panel of experts offer their insights.

Co-Hosts and Panelists:
  • Jesse Diaz, Marketing/Public Relations and Brand Management Specialist
  • Bob Hall, Talent Acquisition Marketing/Recruiting Consultant
  • Jacob Urdialez, Marketing and Branding Intern with the Premier College Intern Program (PCIP)

Topics focused on getting hired, AFCS benefits and culture, and student programs. Below are three of the top FAQs. Watch the recording for answers to more commonly asked questions.

Where do I apply and what is a Direct Hire job?
First, check out our website and the Find A Job page. For Air Force Civilian Service, this page and our jobs map are the places where you’ll find the most comprehensive database of our job openings.

Some of the job listings will direct you to USAJobs to apply. Others allow you to apply directly from our site.

The job opportunities where you apply on our site are filled using Direct Hire Authorities, or DHA. DHA allows us to fast-track the hiring process outside of the normal USAJobs application process. Most DHA job opportunities are for high-priority and mission-critical occupations, such as computer scientists, doctors and nurses, groundskeepers, welders, and more!

How can I make myself more competitive?
The best way to be competitive is to make sure your resume directly reflects how you are a match for the position. Be specific. Provide examples.

Your qualifications will be evaluated based on your level of knowledge, skills, and abilities, or KSAs, which are often listed in the job announcement. Make sure your resume addresses these specific points.

Check out our USAJobs-specific resume tips and federal government resume tips for more details.

What does the work environment look like?
Working as an Air Force Civilian is like working with a really great family. There’s camaraderie and community. We have each other’s back.

Depending on your specific role, you could be working remotely or on a base in an office, a lab, or an airplane hangar. There are so many options.

No matter the location, Air Force Civilian jobs are a stable job opportunity, and most have set hours to give you that balance you need between work and the rest of your life. And this doesn’t even begin to cover all the employee benefits and career development programs you’ll have access to as an Air Force Civilian.

We work side by side with our men and women in uniform. We’re all part of one team, a total force, driven by our mission to fly, fight and win—airpower anytime, anywhere.

If you’re interested in more information, we hope you’ll browse our website and investigate some of our resource links below. You can also follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.