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Aim Hire: Learning from Experience

Leadership is at the core of any organizational success or challenge. Leaders set the tone and the priorities. In this month’s Aim Hire webinar, we introduce you to two Air Force leaders who are making people their priority.

Kimberly Toney, Executive Director of the Air Force Personnel Center, and Lara Schoenenberger, Deputy Director of the 502nd Civil Engineer Squadron, talk about shaping a positive and productive work environment and how they aim to grow the next generation of Air Force leaders.

This discussion is happening during a time that people are calling “The Great Resignation.” Eighteen months ago, millions of Americans lost their jobs because of the COVID-19 pandemic. And those who had jobs held on to them tightly, even if they were unhappy.

Now, as job openings soar and people feel more confident in the future, those who held on to unhealthy or unwanted jobs are resigning in droves to find new and better opportunities.

We see this as a big opportunity for the Air Force. The Air Force is seeing job satisfaction at an all-time high. We invest in hiring the right people, and on average, our employees stay with the Air Force for 13.7 years, nearly three times the average reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

We want to see you grow into leaders that will help the Department of the Air Force deliver airpower and space capabilities anytime, anywhere. And we continue to invest in each employee throughout their career.

When we asked our guests about the Air Force work environment and why people stay and grow within the Air Force, they talked about leadership, growth opportunities, support, stability, and benefits.

You will also hear about what makes a great leader (35:34), a great employee (24:27), plus personal stories of mentorship and inspiration throughout.

At the end of the day, we know employees have options and certain expectations. You may be looking for more tangible benefits, like remote and flexible work schedules, opportunities to learn new skills, or better healthcare. Or maybe it’s the mission that matters, and you’re looking for a job where you can make a difference in the world. Whatever your motivation for moving jobs, we believe we have the answer for you when you begin your career as a Civilian in the Air Force.