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Aim Hire: Living the Life (Volume 1)

In November’s Aim Hire webinar, we met three individuals who have been “Living the Life” as Civilian employees of the U.S. Air Force. They represent just three of the 600 career fields available to you as part of the Air Force Civilian Service.    
  • Jacqueline Melcher is a Civil Engineer and Installation Management Flight Chief at Joint Base Charleston, SC.
  • Richard Dunham is an Aircraft Industrial Production Manager at Randolph Air Force Base, San Antonio, TX.
  • Marshall Armstrong is an Organizational Development Specialist at Randolph Air Force Base, San Antonio, TX.
They each shared about their journey as a Civilian in the U.S. Air Force, including lots of opportunities for professional development and rapid advancement in their careers. They also shared some of the benefits they value the most, including flexible and balanced work schedules; job stability; camaraderie and trust among team members, Civilian and Military; and the sense of purpose and pride in the mission of the U.S. Air Force. The best moments, though, were when each panelist shared a bit about their day-to-day work and some of the most memorable days on the job. This is definitely not your average government job! Be sure to catch these moments:  
  • Jacqueline shares her experience as part of the efforts to evacuate and re-settle Afghans who supported and served alongside our U.S. military forces in Afghanistan. She helped identify housing for 5,000 Afghan nationals who were being flown to Joint Base Charleston. (24:39-26:05)
  • Marshall talks about finding the perfect individual for each job, helping to ensure those on the frontlines, like Jacqueline and Richard, have the right talent in place for the mission. (26:25-27:20)
  • Richard talks about his first job as a Civilian with the Air Force, working as an egress mechanic (aka, the person who works on aircraft ejection seats). How cool is that?! (8:07-8:28)
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